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Who's Aaron VanLaan, you ask?

Me playing the saxophone Aaron, founder of ii/V/I Designs (pronounced 2 5 1 Designs), recently rediscovered his love for web design. ii/V/I Designs is the marriage of his interest in technology and natural creativity. He has been a musician over half his life, and now has a new direction: using that creativity to help individuals and businesses become known through the internet.

I would like to welcome you to ii/V/I Designs. I look forward to collaborating with you in the future.

Recent News

Launch in 3.... 2..... 1.......
December 3, 2009

Welcome visitors to the true launch of ii/V/I Designs. It's taken a little time to get her off the ground, but as nothing is impossible, this too has been completed. I hope to have more updates coming very soon, provided my schedule does not get any more hectic. Check back soon to see how things are progressing.

Week 1 official
December 10, 2009

Well everybody, this is the first full week after launch and things are looking pretty good. I've gotten quite a bit of positive feedback on the look of the site, as well as some much appreciated constructive criticism. I'm thinking of adding a current project section, to let everybody know what I'm working on at any given time, as well as whether or not I'm available for more work. As always, check back soon to see how things have progressed.


  • CSS 2.1 & CSS 3
  • PHP
  • jQuery
  • WordPress


Testimonials coming soon!

- Aaron VanLaan, ii/V/I Designs

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Not sure exactly what you need for your business? Don't know the difference between a brochure site and WordPress Blog? We can help answer those questions and others with a personal consultation. We can sit down with you and create a plan for either starting up or increasing your online presence.

  • Face to face consultations
  • Consultation is just that - no obligation to begin the discussed project
  • Depending upon the depth of the project, we will atempt to give a rough pricing estimate

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Logo / Graphic Design

Image Here at ii/V/I Designs, we understand the importance of image. Your personal or company's branding is the face your audience sees every day. We can help turn your ideas into realities and make sure that every side is your good side.

  • Logo creation from an idea
  • Redesign of current logo / company branding.
  • Bring the rest of your image in line with your new logo

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Web Design

Image Every design company knows that diversity is the way to reach the most people, but we all have our bread and butter. At ii/V/I Designs, web design is our bread and butter service. We pride ourselves in creating dynamic, quality, standards compliant websites. We are constantly updating our skill sets to remain at the forefront of current web techniques.

  • Cross browser compatibility (yes, even IE6!)
  • Static brochure sites to dynamic WordPress sites
  • All sites are tested for accessibility

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ii/V/I Designs Business Card - Front

  • This design started everything
  • Created in Photoshop


ii/V/I Designs Business Card - Back

  • Wanted it minimalistic
  • Focuses on who and what


"Dance Studio" Business Card - Front

  • Aaron's personal favorite
  • Can be customized


Arkansas Food Policy Council Site

  • Non-Profit client
  • Uses, Flickr
  • Site built from ground up

Visit Site Preview

Tropical Hair Hut Mockup

  • Site in early stages
  • Hairdressers
  • Make appointments online

Coming Soon Preview

Mrs. VanLaan's Music Room Site

  • Site in early stages
  • Created for my wife
  • Directed towards kids

Coming Soon Preview

Mock Segway Site

  • Class project
  • Designed from mock concept
  • 4 hour time limit

Visit Site Preview

Youth Home, Inc.

  • Site Redesign
  • Updated code / design
  • Uses CushyCMS for updates

Visit Site Preview

Children International

  • Total Site Redesign
  • PHP/MySQL features
  • Created for WordPress

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